Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Today, I was so happy. Firstly, I got to know my 3rd and last Sat's practise result(before the real one)and it was unbelievably good.. I got 5A for Literacy.. For all that hard work that I showed; going to booster lessons (kls tmbhn), I finally achieved to get to the highest level.. In spellings, we were asked to spell very difficult words but I managed to get full marks which is 20/20. In Maths my teacher told me I got level 5 but I'm not sure what was it..(5a or 5b or 5c).
Finally I got a headteacher award.. And it says....

HT award for Academic Achievement

Name: Abid Yunus

Reason: Since joining our school Abid has shown what an excellent pupil he is! He approaches all learning with enthusiasm and enjoyment. He quickly demonstrated his mathematical skills and was subsequently put into the top group where he has thrived. he has a real determination to do well in all subject areas.As a result he has made a great progress in his written English and is an example to all of the rewards hard work can bring. Well done Abid! Thoroughly deserved.

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