Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Today, I was so happy. Firstly, I got to know my 3rd and last Sat's practise result(before the real one)and it was unbelievably good.. I got 5A for Literacy.. For all that hard work that I showed; going to booster lessons (kls tmbhn), I finally achieved to get to the highest level.. In spellings, we were asked to spell very difficult words but I managed to get full marks which is 20/20. In Maths my teacher told me I got level 5 but I'm not sure what was it..(5a or 5b or 5c).
Finally I got a headteacher award.. And it says....

HT award for Academic Achievement

Name: Abid Yunus

Reason: Since joining our school Abid has shown what an excellent pupil he is! He approaches all learning with enthusiasm and enjoyment. He quickly demonstrated his mathematical skills and was subsequently put into the top group where he has thrived. he has a real determination to do well in all subject areas.As a result he has made a great progress in his written English and is an example to all of the rewards hard work can bring. Well done Abid! Thoroughly deserved.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Secondary School

Yesterday, I was so pleased when I received letter from Bournville Secondary School telling that I am in the waiting list for that school. I didn't have to defend to get a place in that school and that is really a good news. I didn't know what exactly abah wrote in the appeal letter. My best friends here who is Anas and Muhammad I is also going to Bournville. Some of my friends were saying, "Why don't you just take the offer to go to Shenley Academy..You can make new friends"
But I've already got a place in Bournville so I won't care about Shenley anymore...

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Its looking to start being spring in Birmingham or Selly Oak.. Every Sunday, I use to go to play football at Selly Park. When I was walking I saw yellow and purple tulips in the field. That was one proof that shows that spring is near. The second reason is it is sunny everyday (well, most of them..) and also quite hot. I know in Malaysia it is SUPER HOT!! The temperature is like 31- 36 degrees celcius. And I also heard that some of my relative was having fever!! >_<. Well here its looks as if its going to be spring.. Thats all I can say..

Thursday, 25 February 2010


About 6-7 days ago, it was snowing heavily. The snow started from early morning and finished in midnight so it was snowing for a long time. The next morning abah said the that there was a very thick layer of snow in our back garden. I hurried to the curtains in my bedroom and opened it.. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was white all over the back garden. I was so eager to play with the snow. Then, abah let us go to the back garden to play the snow..We bulid this kind of snowman's head with fabulous details of his face. Then abah told us to go inside to perform our Zuhr prayer..

Lamb Chop.

On Wednesday night Abah was going to cook lamb chop for us. Abah bought the mutton ribs from the halal section in ASDA and told the butcher to cut it into thin slices. But instead the cut them differently like what we thought it would look like. It looked like bones and Abah said lets just make lamb chop. Abah prepared the lamb chop and the coleslaw and salad and potatoes and the brown sauce. It was so delicious and abah told us to take the picture decoritavely.

The Menu

Lamb Chop

The Brown Sauce

My Football Boots.

On Friday morning, I woke up and went downstairs. I was waiting for my new football boots that I bought from Ebay on Tuesday. Then, I went to the kitchen. And when I came back I saw my dad giggling. I didn't know what was so funny. Then Abah got a "stuff " on his hands. It was actually my football boots. I knew it was coming so I was really happy.

Adidas +F30

On the next Sunday, Abah's friend invited us to play football at the park. So i told Abah I wanted to test my new football boots. We went to the park at 4pm and played football. Abah's friends haven't come yet so we just played football by ourselves. But after a long time waiting, we decided to go home because none of Abah's friend showed up. My boots were ok and I... like them.


2-3 days ago, Mrs Croghan told my class about new prefects. Many peoples in my class are prefects because they have been in the school starting from September. So they've been prefect for along time..When Mrs Croghan was going to call the new prefects name out, I was always praying and hoping that I will get picked as a new prefect. Then..... Mrs Croghan called my name and I was ever so happy.. I always wanted to be a prefect because prefects are like good peoples who help support the school. Today I got my prefect badge in the assembly. Mrs Chamberlin who was the headteacher called my name out first. She called me, Yunus. I didn't go to the front bacause I thought it was someone else. Then I realized Yunus was my second name so she might have made a mistake. I knew it was me 'cos Mrs Croghan had told me I was going to be a prefect so I just went to the front and got my badge.. I am very2 happy..